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MH370 Update: Malaysian Air Defense Asleep - 2nd Aircraft Possibly Involved

Posted: 2014-03-17
From: Mathaba
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Pilot (pictured on right) wearing `Democracy is Dead` T-shirt was a supporter of convicted homosexual and U.S.-Zionist opposition asset (excuse the pun) Anwar Ibrahim, jailed for 5 years on the eve of missing MH370 flight

It has emerged that the pilot of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 missing since March 8, attended a court hearing in which the opposition leader he supported was jailed for 5 years for sodomizing one of his campaign workers, after the victim had filed charges.

The case occurred many years ago and has been a recurring feature in Malaysian politics as Anwar Ibrahim had been convicted on evidence, then freed on over turning the conviction and now again convicted to continue his sentence.

The opposition leader is heavily supported by the U.S. and its Zionist Israeli allies with intelligence briefings and apparently his speeches and policies also being directed by his foreign handlers. The Malaysian government has been opposed to Israel.

The MH370 pilot was one of the most experienced pilots and had knowledge of aircraft beyond the normal requirements, even building his own flight simulator which Malaysian police have removed for investigation along with other material.

While this is all standard practice to investigate all crew and passengers, and thus does not constitute any proof that Zaharie Ahmad Shah hijacked his own plane, other possibilities should still be investigated, especially the importance of the U.S. technology experts on board: what their role in their company's technology to make aircraft invisible to radar was, and why they were headed to Beijing.

As pointed out in our earlier report, Malaysian air defense is almost non-existent, as revealed by the evidence that the aircraft turned around over the South China Sea and then headed back over Malaysia toward the Indian Ocean, and although it's identity wasn't confirmed, no jets were scrambled, no action was taken, and it took days for this information to come to light.

It has now emerged that the aircraft had enough fuel on board to last until around 8.30am, which, coupled with the evidence of hourly pings to a satellite system, the last of which was at 8.11am either on a path to Central Asia or to the Indian Ocean, gives further backing to Mathaba analysts beliefs that the aircraft ran out of fuel on a flight into the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.

This also would mean that the act was designed to get rid of all on board, again with the interest on the Freescale Semiconductor employees. Although still possible the aircraft was flown to somewhere in Central Asia, our analysts believe this less likely given that by now the aircraft, which needs a long runway to safely land on, should have been reported and found.

Remote Controlled Boeing 777

But another possibility has also not been explored and it is time to take a close look at it. Boeing 777's can be "flown by wire", meaning that they can be remote controlled, taking over all controls from the pilots. It is possible that the pilots were incapacitated, the aircraft quickly brought up to 45,000 feet from its cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, thus rendering its occupants unconscious.

A white-hat "hacker" has revealed that even with the use of an Android app, given the right additional technical knowledge, a Boeing 777 can be taken over and flown remotely. However, this method of control would require clear data-over-radio communication with the aircraft which cannot be achieved over long distances far beyond line of sight of the operator and the aircraft.

Which brings us to another possibility which only Mathaba analysts have arrived at and no media has so far mentioned: there is no evidence that the unidentified aircraft that was shown on Malaysia's military radar to have flown back from the last known location of MH370 in the opposite direction and across Malaysia roughly over the Thailand-Malaysian border, was MH370.

It is equally possible that an aircraft had been near MH370 over the South China Sea and took control of the Malaysian airliner via this mechanism, possibly with or without on-board assistance (we do not know if the abilities of the remote control flying, alleged to have also been involved in some of the 9/11 kamikaze flights, allows for transponders and other systems to be switched off).

Having taken control the "remote hijacker" in the other aircraft could have raised the flight level of MH370 to Flight Level 450 (45,000 feet) taking it 2,000 feet above its maximum allowed altitude, and also making it likely invisible to ground radar. It could then have flown at very low altitude close to sea and ground level, to avoid radar detection itself, while keeping the MH370 high above it.

This hypothesis is in fact backed up by much evidence on the ground in Malaysia on both sides of the peninsula near the Thai-Malay border: many independent and honest reports were given to local authorities by eye witnesses of aircraft noises and sightings at low level at the time the flight would have passed by. However, these would have been of the hijacking aircraft not the hijacked one.

Thus ensuring that MH370 continued on a flight path out into the southern Indian Ocean, at forty five thousand feet, killing all on board, until the aircraft ran out of fuel and fell into the sea: any traces would be hard to find and could take many years, given the remote area and depth of the sea, as well as its roughness.

If Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and/or others on board had wished to create perhaps the biggest mystery of all aviation history, reveal Malaysian government authorities and/or defenses to be inept, create embarrassment and damage to the Malaysian government and its national carrier, by means of this plot, then they were not only suicidal and extreme (none of which appear to be the Captain's character), but also had to either use violence or have further onboard cooperation.

The major culprits in almost all acts of terrorism over the past decades have been "intelligence" services. This is a fact well known to real terrorism investigators and researchers. These organizations have also access to much data in real time, as exposed by Ed Snowden the former NSA employee. This makes it easier for them to execute such plots when the circumstances are right.

If so, then the activities of the pilot on the eve of the hijacking and his political beliefs and other actions, none of which would necessarily make him a terrorist or hijacker, would be known and a useful red herring, as would the dozy sleepy Malaysian "defense" forces inability to wake up to an unidentified incoming flying object until many days later.

Malaysian investigators must sincerely, and in cooperation with China, explore all these angles: including deliberate sabotage of the aircraft, deliberate murder of various persons on board to the benefit of some agency, all passengers including the Texas company's employees, the possibility of the above scenario with a second aircraft being involved, and the modus operandi.

Regarding the latter, they would do well to re-visit 9/11 (Israeli involvement and the remote control of at least some of those aircraft as revealed scientifically by a Turkish researcher in Belgium, who was ignored) and Lockerbie's Pan Am 103 believe to be a MOSSAD operation with the timer-bomb placed between the inner and outer walls of the aircraft at its last major overhaul in New York.

PanAm 103 was meant to crash into the Atlantic Ocean because of some of the passengers who were on board, but due to departure delays crashed on Scotland. We don't wish to mention anything further as we did a lot of investigation on this at the time and we were ignored. It is up to others to revisit and bring to light evidence, Cui Bono, the modus operandi, in regards to those incidents and MH370.

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