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Central Bank of Libya to Hoodwink Muslims

Posted: 2012-12-13
From: Mathaba
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Libya had one of only a very few Central Banks in the world that was not in the private hands of the Jewish banking families. Image: but the Mufti says its Halal, and it has a Halal stamp on it from the Halal Islamic Association, so it`s Halal right? Wrong.

Before the invasion of Libya in 2011 on the basis of a fake uprising and with the help of armies of private islamist mercenaries supported by tens of thousands of bombing missions carried out by the U.S.-European "NATO" military alliance, Libya had a central bank with 144 tons of gold.

This amount of gold reserves was one of the highest per capita in the world. Until now the bank has not been able to explain what happened to that gold and the world media have been silent on the issue. They also remain silent on the issue of $170 billion of Libyan Jamahiriya assets around the world.

Legal issues remain with the Libyan Jamahiriya still being the lawful de jure government based on the Libyan people's more than 6,000 Congresses, which have not been allowed to convene since the occupation of Libya by imperialist global capitalist forces and the exile of a quarter of the population and killing of over 100,000.

Tens of thousands remain languishing in "jails" where they are routinely tortured and often die under torture, and are denied any visits by family and lawyers.

One of the first actions that was undertaken already in February or March of 2011, long before the "rebels" had even come anywhere near any power outside of Benghazi, was the formation of a new Central Bank, based in Benghazi. Unlike the existing Libyan Central Bank, this one was private.

The money injected into it came from the usual jewish mafia families that run many of the central banks around the world. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can do further research on this. The role of these banks is to lend money to the government.

In the Libyan Jamahiriya no money was leant to the government. Instead, the government ordered the issuing of money and its allocation on the basis of providing services required by the population who decided what budgets were needed for each service, with the remainder of oil revenue to be divided among the population.

Now the Central Bank and other new private banks operating in Libya or old ones that have been converted to the new rules, have faced some protests from Libyans who are mindful of the Quranic injunction not to take nor pay interest.

Today, interest is narrowly and simplistically defined and Muslims are no longer educated about what Riba really is and how much it encompasses. To the simple minded, Riba is the "interest" that banks charge on money leant, or gained on money stored in savings.

In the Holy Qur'an the only verses which mention war from Allah and His Messenger, are upon those who engage in Riba.

However, the entire western capitalist economy is Riba based, and this is the reality, not merely the interest charged by banks.

The bankers, already since decades well versed in staving off Muslim protest and obtaining Muslims money into bank accounts by simply renaming Riba and charging exorbitant rates of interest under other names, as well as renaming the banks with the adjective "Islamic Bank", have now responded.

Very happy they are to satisfy the gullible Libyan Muslims, by renaming banks as "islamic" and renaming "Riba" to other forms such as that sanctioned by ignorant "Muslim Scholars" themselves lawyers and bankers, to terms such as "Murabaha" which, among those who know, really means "More Riba Ha!"

The Central Bank of Libya, without any reference to its legality nor history nor the basis of its functioning, its assets, its financiers, and the laws it operates under, recently announced that it is "continuing to work on plans for the introduction of Sharia-compliant banking within the Libyan financial sector."

The problem is of course, there is no such thing as an Islamic Bank. Just as there is no such thing as an Islamic Casino or Islamic Pork. But those Muslims of today of weak faith, weak heart, and weak brain, don't allow such things to present any obstacle. So long as they can be told it is Halal, then it is Halal.

Yet, Allah knows what is in people's hearts, and Allah is not fooled. Thus more war is coming upon the Libyan people, as promised by Allah and his Messenger.

A "consultant" engaged on the "project" at the bank, Fatih Aqoub, has been reported as saying that "rapid progress has been made since a special committee begain work on this in January".

Naturally. Rapid progress indeed, because there is big money in this "Halal Banking" ruse. And plenty of past experience from the Bank of England governor, to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad, to all the "Islamic Banks" in Malaysia, Sudan, the Gulf and elsewhere, none of which are islamic.

"The committee had been seeking best practice (in fooling Muslims and obtaining their wealth) from elsewhere in the Islamic world. It was formulating amendments to the banking laws that would enable Sharia banking for an interim period before separate legislation was enacted."

Aqoub also reportedly said that Libyan banks were working hard to produce Sharia products ahead of being licensed to trade them. This brings to mind halal pigs, non-alcoholic beer, halal gambling on the halal Sudanese stock exchange, Malaysian young women with pink head coverings and tight jeans revealing their pussies.

It also brings to mind Libyan rats proclaiming sharia and emirates, Qaddafi and apostate, the Mufti of Libya as knowledgeable, and the fact that few Libyan rats would recognize Islam even if it hit them in the face or whacked them like a ton of bricks.

Some of the ignorant but perhaps well meaning and duped employees of the Sahara Bank in Benghazi launched the great jihad for islamic halal banking and more riba by protesting outside their workplace, to protest against its use of "interest."

"Islamic" banks charge actually much higher rates of interest than non-Islamic ones do to the non-believer. Such is the punishment of Muslim ignorance today.

At the time of the protest in October, the governor of the Central Bank, Saddek Elkaber, said that he believed the demand for Sharia-compliant banking was so high, that it might become an important part of Libyan banking. Speaking at an Arab banking conference in Kuwait, the oil company on the Iraqi coast, he said that specific rules governing islamic banking in Libya would probably be implemented by the end of the year.
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