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U.S. White Supremacist Defeat in Libya: `Ambassador Stevens` Dirty Death

Posted: 2012-09-27
From: Mathaba
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Analysts are correct when they say that this image of the pinnacle of white racist power being given the treatment awarded to black revolutionaries as well as the promised success of the Libyan jamahiri resistance against the invasion and recolonisation of Africa is not what the global white elite want you to see. Photo: U.S. State Department Ambassador Stevens.

Mathaba first revealed the news on the evening of September 11 concerning the success of the Jamahiri resistance forces which had been rising to a crescendo throughout August in the lead-up to the great Al-Fateh (September 1969) Revolution anniversary.

We were almost alone in reporting the truth. Only one other popular independent news and analysis outlet, Global Research also published analysis confirming the same. And only now has anyone dared to take a look at the racism factor, with Lizzie Phelan, the last independent journalist to be in Libya, highlighting it.

Yet aside from these two independent media giants doing the job of what journalism is supposed to be: investigative, accurate, and defending the public issues and right to know, keeping in check the gangsters, banksters, money-men, criminals and dictators; other media told lies.

They pinned the blame on everyone from the U.S. State Department of Hilary Clinton to Al-Qaida, that terrorist anti-Muslim outfit created, financed and directed by the CIA-MOSSAD group of outlaws, of which Clinton herself is a main Zionist policy planner and executioner.

Anyone and everyone except the elephant in the room: the Libyan popular resistance. For anyone who knows anything about Libya and human nature, about Islam and Africa, even about Arabs, will know that doing what was done against Libya won't be taken sitting down.

A population of four to six million depending on what you wish to include, armed with power via direct popular congresses, wealth by a direct distribution across most sectors, and arms, would not stand idly by while its country is occupied and its freedoms taken away.

What such population of Muslims, Arabs, Africans, human beings, armed with the power, the wealth and the arms, would allow itself to be brutally bombed for 7 months from the air, chased out in their millions, murdered in hundreds of thousands, without a whimper?

What such population having tasted the rights and freedoms of the great green charter would allow for tens of thousands of its brothers, fathers, cousins and even sisters, mothers and daughters to be cast into prisons, abused, tortured, raped, robbed, without a whimper?

Muammar Qadhafi spoke and warned until blue in the face, yet the greedy white supremacists, the bankrupt 'jewish' bankers and their media whores, the heartless corporations driven by a mad pursuit of profits at any cost, would not listen.

A war that will last for years, and that would not just liberate Libya once again, but the WORLD -- person by person, lane by lane, house by house -- was promised. The Great Jamahiriya to be replaced by a Greater Jamahiriya and even a Universal Jamahiriya.

At all costs the kleptomaniacs of capitalist Europe and North America, and their other political elite occupying Australia and New Zealand, Palestine and Old Mexico, and the Red Nation of America, wish to cover up the crimes they are committing in plain sight.

If you doubt these crimes and the fact they are being committed in plain sight, please take a look at the documentary concerning Cote d'Ivoire in the Mathaba Videos section. Then ask yourself was the Libyan Jamahiriya not the iron gate preventing Africa's recolonization.

Today racism is alive and well as never before. Only the most blind would deny it. The worst examples of what took place against Black people in North America the last hundreds of years, took place in Libya just last year, all recorded by Google YouTube who remain silent.

Black people, Africans, even today are third class citizens subjected to all manner of indignity and abuse even in countries as far away as Malaysia, Thailand and Germany. Even footballers from Ghana are abused by Germany's Lufthansa airline in the most sadistic manner.

Mathaba has endless files on the abuse of Africans world wide, Muammar Qadhafi promised Africans to follow up on their situation wherever they are in the world, yet another of one hundred reasons he was hated by those who carry out the worst crimes on the planet.

The abuse of Africans is allowed to happen unreported, in the millions. A million deaths of Africans is not news. The abduction, torture and execution of African leaders, even today, is absolutely tolerated. But a white man falling off a bicycle in Outer Mongolia is big news.

The dragging through the streets of Benghazi of the top U.S. officer of Hilary Clinton, and in fact one of the top white Americans in the world, and his death, at the hands of the popular resistance determined to free Libya of the terrorist aggressors and occupiers is news.

But it must be hidden at all costs. For the way that the West keeps up its image in the minds of the weak is via films, Hollywood, images, lies, and double standards. Hilary Clinton herself can soon be dragged through the streets of Chicago, or even Washington in like manner.

Therefore the media trumpets have to bleat on endlessly about this great "friend" of the Libyan people (!) who was being "rescued" by Libyans and that all Libyans say this is not Islam and unforgivable. The truth is known however, who this arch criminal Stevens was.

He was in Libya from the outset, an active organizer of the terrorists which brought chaos, death and destruction and unbearable suffering to millions of Libyans and Africans. Islam does not allow for occupation, torture, theft and plunder, it calls for resistance.

The one billion Muslims in the world need to be deprived of knowledge of what is happening in Libya and that the Al-Fateh Revolution was an Islamic one, a popular one, all Africans know that Muammar Qadhafi led an African revolution but his voice must be silenced.

All freedom, peace and justice-loving people in the world need to know the ideas that animate Muammar Qadhafi and all of those of the Jamahiri thought and action by taking a look at The Green Book which he authored, as well as to know the Truth about Libya.

The so-called international community is only a few thousand gate-keepers, the United Nations Organization and puppet political heads around the world. The world community however is billions of people, with Muammar Qadhafi living in the hearts of millions of them.

For those who are ignorant through a lack of care, those who do not search for Truth in a world where communications and media are everywhere, you will have no excuse on the Day of Judgement. For those whom Allah loves, the punishment may even start in this life.

The jamahiri resistance is surely gathering momentum and is coming to a place near you soon. Join it or be swept into the dustbin of history.

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