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Blog of Man Murdered by Malaysia Police at Economic Planning Unit (Update)

Posted: 2012-07-10
From: Mathaba
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Photo: one of many showing that after being shot, Khalil Afandi Hamid was not assisted at any point by the police, while the woman also wounded by a gun shot to the leg, attempts to stem the loss of blood from his arm.

His name is Khalil Afandi Hamid.

His blog is in the Malay language, and is called Jaya Negara, or Successful Country and was opened in May 2012.

His profile shows that he is critical of the Malaysian government and the Military Police. Another online profile shows his education as "School of Hard Knocks" and "University of Life".

He went to the Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Pengkalan Chepa school, class of 1982.

He was shot dead by the Military Police on July 9th, outside the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister's Department. (See here for news story: http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630771).

The Prime Minister of Malaysia is said to have been in the compound in the adjacent building at the time the man and woman entered carrying swords at around 2.30pm local time yesterday.

His google mail address was: [email protected]

He started his blog in May 2012, and made his first post in June 2012.

He had a registered Facebook account but did not post anything there other than some profile photographs.

Favourite Blog about New World Order

The only English language blog that he linked to among his favourites, was "Illuminati - After Dark Writes". This blog features its most recent entry on June 12, about the U.S. massacres in Vietnam. It sports the "black flag" that has become popular among many Muslims which is a black background with the white words "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah".

The above mentioned "Illuminati - After Dark Writes" is however an avid supporter of the BN government of Malayia. In its link policy it states: "Whereas I do support pro-BN movement. I don't favor any blog which is entirely about politics (except for MYKMU)." MYKMU is a blog of the ruling party.

The "Illuminati - After Dark Writes" blog is interesting in that the author believes that the "illuminati" are active in South East Asia, and that they are taking over Malaysia, though he seems to think that is through the opposition parties or at least Anwar Ibrahim, a well-known stooge of the New World Order.

But perhaps more interesting is that the author of "Illuminati - After Dark Writes" is also authoring a book called "The Exorcist", and that he is posting its chapters slowly on the blog. The last entry is chapter 11, posted on June 4, 2012 and of which he says that "unlike previous chapters, this one is entirely fictional", and promises chapter 12 to appear in July.

Who is the man who was shot?

Returning to the blog of the victim of the police shooting yesterday, he gives his location as Seri kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.

Police now say the name of the man shot dead is Khalil Afandi Hamid, 47, and that he was unemployed. He died on his way to hospital after a large number of police stood by allowing him to bleed to death without attempting to administer any first aid whatsoever.

The woman's name has not been disclosed, and police say she is in a stable condition, is 28 years old, and a former student of the International Islamic University. Update: Media now say her name is Muhdalina Ahmad.

The man, Khalil Afandi Hamid is survived by a son, and Muhdalina Ahmad has two children, Malaysian media say. The government news agency bernama renowned for its inaccuracy and corruption is spreading as fact the unconfirmed story that Khalil Afandi Hamid "declared himself as Imam Mahdi".

They say that the dead man and the woman, who they say is also unemployed, were believed to have acquainted with one another, just last week. There is speculation that the woman may have met Khalil Afandi Hamid online.

The Jaya Negara blog of Khalil Afandi Hamid, victim of the police shooting

The blog, entirely in the Malay language, is exceptionally well produced, in the layout of the text, image and formatting of the articles, which show that Khalil Afandi Hamid is well above-average literate by Malay or indeed any western standards.

One of his first blog posts, dated June 7th, just one month before his shooting to death by Malaysian police for his protest brandishing samurai swords with his female accomplice yesterday, is entitled "Sick... Oh God, the pain is unbearable", and its first words are:

"Qur'an is an example of a remedy for all diseases except death", and quotes verse 17:82 from the Qur'an on the Qur'an being a healing.

This first blog entry is illuminating, and astounding for a Malay Muslim. I say this because Malay Muslims generally tend to be introvert regarding their religion, which they see as a national identity, and for themselves only.

Khalil Afandi Hamid on the other hand says that the Mercy of Qur'an is for all believers, non-Muslims should read it too (an obvious fact known to those of us who embraced Islam through study of Qur'an, and logical for any thinking person).

But he goes further, in nice words, without anger or impoliteness, he castigates the "scholars" of Islam for failing to be humble in prayer, as humble prayer is the way, and he includes the Malaysian government as well as the plethora of fake scholars today among the enemies of Islam.

He places teachers, correctly, as the prime enemies of Islam. This is an astounding logical fact, that is over-looked by even most educated Muslims. Teachers, by failing to even study Islam, and by failing to teach non-Muslims about Islam, are the problem.

After all, does not everything start with education? What was the very first word revealed in the Qur'an, by arch Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad? Iqraa... READ... Read in the Name of your Lord... Who Created You...

Khalil Afandi Hamid says that before the Qur'an was revealed to mankind, humanity was sick, and with it came healing. He urges reading of the primary source, the Qur'an, directly, not listening to the diluted, deviated and obfuscated teachings of the so-called scholars.

He does not however reject Hadith, on the contrary, but he places the Qur'an in its correct position, and he believes that 2012 will herald the coming of the Mahdi, something that a lot of aware people do not at all find unbelievable, given the current state of world affairs. Yet, the story being put about by lazy, corrupt and incompetent Malaysian media, is that he declared himself the Mahdi.

He displays a great love of all including non-Muslims saying that God loves you all.

On the authority of Wa'ila bin Al-Asqa: Whoever seeks knowledge and succeeds will have twice the reward, and if he does not succeed, he will have a single reward. (Bukhari)

Khalil Afandi Hamid's blog writings show that he is not afraid to use his brain, reflect on the Qur'an, and reach independent decisions. One such, is that he contends due to pigs now being raised on clean food, that there may be no harm in eating pork.

While we contend with this analysis as science also shows otherwise, if the blog post was understood correctly, it is an example of this thinking, and perhaps rebellion against the reactionary teachings of "Imams" and "scholars", and will likely be misused to malign him.

He blogged almost daily and clearly spent a lot of time during the past month on blogging. There is nothing to indicate that he was planning the event in Putrajaya to be his demise, nor to make his blog famous. On the contrary, he simply espouses various thoughts in a free style, and touches on a wide range of topics, including the personal, his love.

In one blog post, the one about love, he appears to be speaking of his wife, and the love that appears to have died out. As I am working from automatic translation, I don't want to do it injustice. Perhaps her name is Hamidah, and perhaps they have been married 27 years, they married young. He apologizes to her.

He states that women admire him not for his looks which he considers unattractive, but because of what he says, i.e. his knowledge and his imparting of it.

Muhdalina Ahmad is key to finding out what really happened, and so that the police who neglected Khalil Afandi Hamid after shooting him, allowing him to bleed to death unattended, may face justice.

Muslims know very well that death cannot be averted: its time and place is fixed. That means that no matter what you do, death will not arrive until its appointed time and place. However, much else is up to us: the state of our health until then. This however does not exonerate the police who firstly shot a Muslim man when it was not required to do so, and secondly failed to administer any first aid, or even attempt to stem the bleeding. These are crimes in any nation, and it remains to be seen if they are crimes in Malaysia.

If the independent media is not allowed to interview the woman, and if the police involved are not prosecuted, and if there is no full and open inquiry, then the message is loud and clear: Malaysians are allowed to shoot whomever they want, including policemen who are after all equal human beings wearing a different coloured clothes, and, then must not be prosecuted. Is that what we want?

Update: the woman victim is said to be a former student of the International Islamic University of Malaysia, Muhdalina Ahmad, aged 28. This article has been edited accordingly.

See also commentary: Khalil Afandi Hamid: Malaysian Media vs Truth & Facts
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