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Libyan Jamahiriya 'Intelligence' Head Abdullah Sanusi Held in Mauritania

Posted: 2012-03-18
From: Mathaba
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Tensions mounting further between Africa and Europe, as the latter seek to impose their racist neo-colonial will upon the former

As reported by Al-Badil, a Mauritanian news site, the alleged head of Libyan Jamahiriya "intelligence", Abdullah Sanusi, showed up suddenly in Nouakchott, capital city of Mauritania in north west Africa.

It confirmed that the authorities are handling him as a citizen of Mali, and not Libya, since he holds a legal Mauritanian passport.

Mauritanian security rule out delivering the man to the occupation "rat" forces of Libya, installed by the Amero-European fascist military alliance NATO or the International Criminal Court in Europe, popularly known in Africa as the "International Caucasian Court" for its obsession with abducting Africans that have fallen foul of European predatory plans on the continent.

Abdullah Sanusi, "director of intelligence" in the legitimate Jamahiriya government of Libya, arrived in Nouakchott on Wednesday from Morocco. A security source said that police in Nouakchott, Mauritania, stopped the former Libyan intelligence director after his arrival in the Mauritanian capital.

Sanusi has been moved to a secret location of the Department of State Security of Mauritania.

Mauritanian authorities are now considering how to deal with the man who is sought by the NATO regime in Libya and the so-called International Criminal Court, but which prevents him from being handed over to either party as their is no extradition treaty with the occupation government of Libya and Mauritania is not an ICC signatory.

The report says that Mauritania had not received a request from the NATO "rats" of Libya to extradite him.

On the other hand, a legal source said that the person who entered Mauritania on a Malian passport must be dealt with legally as a citizen of Mali. The official document held by the citizen, forces Mauritania by law to deal with the subject accordingly, as his passport is legal. A senior security source in Mali was reported as denying the rumors of a fraudulent passport in his possession.

France's president Sarkozy, himself the target of French lawyers for his condoning and ignoring human rights abuses in Libya of not only Libyans but also other Africans who were deliberately left to die of thirst alongside the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, has called for Sanusi to be brought to France. This event is likely to drive a further rift between the colonial power and Africa, already tense after the invasion of Libya and the overthrow and abduction of Ivorian head of state Ggagbo to the ICC.

It is highly unlikely that the Mauritanian government will deal with the ICC as a non-signatory, and has already received the Sudanese dictatorship front-man Omar Bashir, on more than one occasion, without him being arrested nor handed over to the ICC. The occupation "National Transitional Council" (NATO rat) occupying regime in Libya
also recently received Bashir as a guest of honour without arresting him.

Saiful Islam, a reformist son of Muammar Qaddafi, who is also on the "list of most wanted" by the ICC, is also being held in Libya by one of the armed groups, since several months, which refuse to hand him over to either the ICC or the occupation rats in Tripoli, who do not even have a modicum of justice in place for trials, as the regime oversees gross human rights abuses, abductions, torture and murders on a daily basis.
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