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NATO commits massacre at Sirte razing the city to the ground

Posted: 2011-08-29
From: Mathaba
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3 days of non-stop bombing away from the public eye -- urgent appeal to humanitarians to force NATO to stop massacre

For the third day in a row, NATO aircraft are conducting massive missile and bomb strikes on the city of Sirte, home town of Muammar Gaddafi, not allowing anyone to escape. The city perimeter is surrounded by rebel check points, behind which there are special forces units from Britain, France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

The exit from the city is completely blocked. Neither women, nor children are allowed to leave. Men, captured attempting to leave the town together with their families, are shot.
Their families are sent back into the city under bombing. There is practically no way to bury the corpses, stated in a letter that was received at Argumenty.ru this morning. The writer is a former officer in the Soviet and later Russian special forces, who is now in Sirte.

The former officer of the Soviet, then Russian special forces, a retired lieutenant colonel Ilya Korenev, whom [Argumenti.ru] have earlier called a "source", and who is close to Colonel Gaddafi, decided to mention his name in the letter.

In the city until now no troops, rebels or special forces have dared to enter. In the night there were many small provocations in order to try to establish the locations of the government troops. Several small squads of rebels tried a probing action in the night to reconnaissance, but were destroyed. At the same time in the air at that time was a remote-controlled reconnaissance spying aircraft (UAV) "drone", which exposed the city's defense. After an hour air attacks took place on these plotted points. However, defenders of the city have already left their positions to other locations, writes the lieutenant colonel.

According to him, "the situation resembles the terrible winter of '95 in Grozny, Chechnia, when there was bombing everything that moved, without proper guiding systems or accurate coordinates.  The only difference was that then  the Russian airforce did not have much fuel, so the flights were not as intensive as they are now.  At the moment, the NATO airforce is in the air almost around the clock".

From Argumenti.ru
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