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Assassination Attempts Against Independent Journalists in Libya

Posted: 2011-08-22
From: Mathaba
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Independent international journalists are being targeted by western intelligence agents under the guise of corporate media journalists as well as from snipers believed to be western special forces

Assassination attempts against independent truth media journalists operating in Libya, of which there are only 5 known to Mathaba, of which 3 have been targeted as soon as the NATO-led rebel advances on Tripoli took place.

The volunteer journalists, all of which are Mathaba News contributors but also write for their own blogs and are regular contributors to other news agencies such as Russia Today, have put the western paid journalists to shame with their in-depth analysis and accurate reports.

They have also exposed the paid corporate news media as failing in their job to report truth, and as a result today have also been threatened by journalists working for CNN. An open inquiry assisted by CNN must be demanded.

Until today they have shared, in part, the same hotels as the corporate news media, and as there is a clear agenda in Libya for the western NATO countries of West Europe, Britain, the USA and the Arab Gulf monarchies, to overthrow the strong democratic system in Libya, they are now clearly being targeted.

In the morning, Dr Franklin Lamb, director of the Americans for Middle East Peace, who has consistently put out live interviews from his hotel room where he has shared gathered intelligence and information with the YouTube community, was shot in the leg by a sniper while cycling near his hotel.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a researcher, also narrowly escaped death from a sniper targeting him as he stepped out of the hotel to place a sign saying "PRESS", and was additionally threatened by CNN journalists.

Thierry Meyssan, who runs the French VoltaireNet blog, said that from the Rixos Hotel, the order was given by so-called "journalists" from the United States to bring down Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Thierry Meyssan.

He said that "Rixos propaganda journalist (Sky News, BBC, CNN AlJazeera) are now trying to murder independent and freelance reporters, all so the truth will not come out".

Mathaba reported in February this year that the first western journalists from Britain to enter Benghazi were in fact MI6 agents and SAS operatives, and several spies have been allowed into Libya under the guise of being journalists, although they are known to Libyan authorities.
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