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  Mathaba Libya

A Call for Support to Prevent Libyan Oil Falling Into Hands of Kleptomaniacs

Posted: 2011-03-01
From: Mathaba
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Those who support truth, and are not ready to jump on lies put out by foreign media, and who know the history of the Libyan revolution and its principles, and who may or may not be critical of Gaddafi but who are implacably opposed to any foreign intervention, occupation, regression away from democracy, are invited to network via Mathaba.


The situation in Libya and elsewhere is critical. There is no time to verify all the facts. Certain things are however obvious and clear to anyone who has followed events closely for the last 30 years or even much less.

There is no forum or network to bridge the gaps in disinformation and communication and we aim to provide this.

This is not open to those who are implacably opposed to Gaddafi in any way shape or form, nor is it open to those who are uncritical of the Gaddafi family.

It is especially open to those who understand the Green Book principles and the International Green Charter.

For those of you, please register at mathaba.info immediately. You can also register at our Support Forum where there are many discussions. If you want your connection to be encrypted use https but you will need to accept the warning and proceed anyway as the connection is secure but the forum certificate is self-signed.

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