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Masses of the Basic People's Congresses select their Secretariats and People's Committees

Posted: 2004-07-18
From: JANA
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In an embodiment of direct people's democracy, the authority of the people, the unique political, economic, and social system chosen by their own free will, the masses of 452 Basic people's Congresses in 32 Shabya (municipalities) across Great Jamahirya [Libya], began Sunday evening selection of the secretariats of their congresses and their people's Committees and other positions selected by the masses within the framework of reselection of the secretariats for these Congresses and people's committees.

Jana's reporters noted heavy turn out for the selection process, where direct peoples' selection is carried out within a genuine democratic atmosphere embodied by the determination of the Libyan people to adhere to and consolidate the people's authority.

The masses of the basic people's congresses in their meeting today are to make direct selection for the positions as follows in every basic people's congress (numbering 452 throught out Great Jamahiriya):

1- Secretary of the Basic People's Congress.

2- Assistant Secretary of the Basic People's Congress.

3- Secretary of People's Committees Affairs.

4- Secretary of Social Affairs.

5- Secretary of cultural and masses mobilization affairs.

6- The people's Committee for scrutiny administrative and financial control.

7-The Secretary of the People's Committees at the Basic People's Congress.

8- The People's Committee for justice and local people's committee

9-The People's Committee for education.

10- The People's Committee for man power, training and operation.

11- The People's Committee for Finance.

12-The People's Committee for economy and trade.

13- The People's Committee for housing, utilities and transport.

14- The People's Committee for health.

15- The People's Committee for Youth and Jamahiri sports.

16- The People's Committee for culture and information

17- The People's Committee for industry and energy.

18- The People's Committee for agriculture, animal and marine wealth.

19- The People's Committee for planning.

20- The People's Committee for tourism.

21- Member of the General People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation.

22- A member of people's diplomacy.

23- chairman and members of the people's court.

/Jamahiriya news agency/
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