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Google Insults Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Africans During Ramadan

Posted: 2008-09-11
From: Mathaba
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Google`s cultural and religious positions - are they merely `insensitive` or deliberate? During the month of fasting, the U.S. military continues to test new horrific (microwave laser beam) weapons on Iraqis frying them alive, while its largest web company insults Muslims

Mathaba.Net - Google the Internet giant that makes its billions of yearly profits largely from advertising, stands accused of insulting Australians, Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Africans, Buddhists, and Christians with its advertising.

All reputable advertisers either do not handle "adult" ads at all, or allow the publishers to control whether or not various categories such as "dating" ads will show on their web sites. Not so with Google.

As the depression has set in to the U.S. economy, Google, founded and owned by two youngsters of Jewish faith, has resorted to an ever lowering of standards, in its pursuit of profits.

During the month of Ramadan, which is followed by around one billion Muslims world wide - the main religion in Africa is Islam by population numbers - dating ads showing "sexy Arab singles", "African singles", "Black singles", "Muslim brides", "Thai brides", "Persian (Iranian) Singles" etc, are being shown to viewers in Australia and other places - giving lie to the claim by Google that it "contextualizes" its advertising by showing "relevant ads on web pages."

The ads could not be more irrelevant to Australians too, who have little or no interest in Iranian singles, whilst at the same time delivering an insult to Iranian women who are overwhelmingly Muslim, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, forcing Iran to having to resort to blocking Google from appearing within the country.

Thus far only China appears to have succeeded in bringing Google to respect its own national priorities, political, economic and cultural objectives, in order to avoid being blocked within China, leading to accusations of censorship from various foreign organizations. However, Google is the only major China-based search engine to explicitly inform the user when search results are blocked or hidden. Yahoo stands accused of handing over personal data on its users.

Google also stands accused of taking an anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-Persian and anti-African stance, as during other religious and national holidays it changes its logos to bring attention to those events, but not so for Ramadan, which is important to close to one quarter of mankind. Other national and religious holidays are also ignored. Individual white American scientist and authors birthdays are celebrated, while entire world religions and nations are ignored.

The Internet giant cannot be reached easily in the event of user complaints, having outgrown customer service in pursuit of profit. It and companies it owns such as YouTube have frequently ignored governments representing entire nations, such as the crisis over hosting videos insulting the Thai people which is a Buddhist nation, and Iran which is a Muslim nation.

The vast majority of Internet activity is now controlled by Google, from web search, to web Email, to videos and blogs. Were Google to pull the plug on its activities, the web would cease to function as we know it, as even those nations and peoples who have been repeatedly insulted by Google have done nothing about it, failing to set up alternative news, search and video portals, nor to support those who have done so.

Mathaba believes that the algorithms at Google News which was the brain child of an Indian fellow Krishna Bharat, who created Google News in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 to keep him abreast of the developments, with noble objectives to allow readers of the news to get exposure to various opinions in order to make up their own minds, have been fiddled with by human intervention to ensure that alternative news sites never land on the front page, to ensure generally controlled content.

Mathaba also believes that important social and environmental independent sites such as Mathaba, which act out of altruism and in the old tradition of investigative journalism and protectors of the public interest, may be being penalized and sabotaged by the serving of deliberately low quality and irrelevant advertising. Every dating ad Mathaba has blocked, resulted in yet more dating ads being shown.

In response, Mathaba is forming the Mathaba Advertising Network (MAN) aimed at serving those who wish to show higher quality advertising. It is hoped that non-U.S. companies such as those in China, Iran, Russia, Europe, Africa and Asia will place advertising via the network, which is to handle all payments in Euros and other non-U.S. dollar currencies.

It is believed that many web sites will also prefer to show higher quality advertising, on a CPM basis, rather than the click models of Google, in order to avoid having their hard won audiences lost because of irrelevant or offensive ads being shown alongside their content.

There will initially be no restriction upon sites displaying both MAN advertising and others such as Google, and Mathaba continues to display Google ads in an ongoing experiment to monitor and evaluate over time the quality and earnings resulting from various advertising networks.
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