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Founded in 1999, MATHABA is now the world's leading independent news agency and online news network. MATHABA has a highly advanced and effective news distribution.


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Mathaba is not to be confused with the former "World Mathaba".

MATHABA -- Changing the world -- Media Active To Help All Become Aware

Our Mission

MATHABA broadcasts news and information that serves the public interest while also having over 50 different news categories, news feeds and distribution across multiple platforms. We allow readers to view our news in the flavour of their choice on the platform of their choice!

The Vision

MATHABA empowers people working for a peaceful, healthy, prosperous world through the power of information. MATHABA aims to expand into an influential, international web platform providing news, publicity and social media tools to people who care worldwide.

Our Values

It is our goal to offer readers a better understanding of public issues and aid positive development. Our shared principles are summarized in this flash-media video.

Our Rights and Your Rights

Click on each link for a pop-up:
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19,
  • The International Green Charter on Human Rights and Freedoms, Article 19, and
  • The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), also Article 19,
this last document with binding power on states and with teeth, all declare our rights to non-monopoly of information.

We have also adoped this Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression, to which Mathaba News Agency complies with Paragraph 6.

We endorse real human rights and freedoms to which all are entitled and we provide a voice for all those working to achieve those rights and freedoms.

'Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.' -- George Orwell (1903-1950)


Our news agency is second to none in content distribution across multiple platforms and devices. Our technology is unique on the market today. Our advanced distribution application is the most versatile of all news agencies. Compare us to others.

We are news media "hacktivists": Definition of hacktivism = "using technology to improve human rights across electronic media."

Mathaba Gold

This Gold subscription service enables MATHABA readers to have fast 24x7x365 access to more than 50,000 additional articles in our database archive. This service benefits researchers, academics, students, and others. Moreover, pages are free of advertising, which offers cleaner and faster content presentation and searches as well as other benefits.

Advertising Agency

Mathaba Advertising Agency (MAN) provides quality advertising to quality web sites. See here for more information and also see our publicity services.

Our Editors

MATHABA has a number of experienced editors who maintain our high publication standards. Editors are assisted by news teams, analysts, assistant editors and information partners who submit news, reports, analysis and commentary.

Mathaba News Briefing

Decision-makers, leaders, directors, scientists, lawyers and concerned people the world over make good use of our renowned Daily News Highlights Briefing and information alerts. Receive it for free by registering your email here.

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